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  • David Guzzone

    Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

    The son and grandson of two builders in Brooklyn, David has been around real estate transactions from the ground up for most of his life.

    His experiences as an apartment manager, representing owners and buyers in sales transactions, and scouring Manhattan and Brooklyn to find the perfect rental for his clients, have made David a knowledgable and resourceful agent.

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  • Nicholas Guzzone

    Principle Broker

    Nicholas started a Real Estate career in 1997, at the age of 17. In after just 2 years, Nicholas excelled in the industry allowing him to gain enough experience to open up an office. In 1999 at age 19, he was one of the youngest Real Estate Brokers in the Nation.

    Nicholas Guzzone has over 15 years experience in the Property Management, Real Estate Sales/Rentals/Marketing and Construction development industry. Nicholas currently manages over 150 residential/commercial units in Brooklyn, NY. He knows what it is to be on the Seller’s/Landlord’s side of the fence as well as having been a Purchaser/Renter throughout his career.

  • Dorothea Geraci

    Coming from a strong name in the construction & real estate industry, Dorothea has picked up where her family continues to thrive. She brings her knowledge, work ethic and familiarity in select areas of Brooklyn, leaving no stone unturned to find her clients the right place to happily call home.

    Since working with Oak Tree beginning in March 2016, she has already executed many transactions, helping her clients through every step of the apartment leasing process.